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Did you know that girls who are in Girl Scouts have the opportunity to apply for college scholarships? 

Below we have provided the resources to help you apply.

GSUSA Scholarship links are located HERE.


Scholarships available to Girl Scouts in Montana and Wyoming:

Nancy Fifer Scholarship - up to $300

  1. 2.75 GPA or higher
  2. High School Seniors or college students may apply
  3. Must have an interest in banking
  4. Must document your Girl Scout experience
  5. 3 letters of recommendation
  6. Application HERE

Lucie P. Osborn Scholarship - $250

  1. 2.75 GPA or higher
  2. High School Seniors or college students may apply
  3. 5 or more years in Girl Scouting
  4. Copy of High School or college transcripts
  5. 3 Letters of reference (one from an adult active in Girl Scouts)
  6. Community service, Leadership experience
  7. Application HERE

University of Wyoming - up to $1,000

  1. 2.75 GPA or higher
  2. High School Seniors or college students may apply
  3. Must be enrolled at University of Wyoming
  4. 3 Letters of reference (one from an adult active in Girl Scouts
  5. Community service, Leadership experience
  6. Application HERE

Herb Waltermire Girl Scout Scholarship - $2,500

  1. 2.75 GPA or higher
  2. High School Seniors may apply
  3. Must be working on (or received) a Girl Scout Gold Award
  4. Strong community service, Leadership experience
  5. Resident of Cascade County
  6. Potentially renewable for a second year
  7. Application HERE

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes - up to $5,000
Gloria Barron Application and information HERE

Veterans of Foreign Wars - Scout of the Year
Scout of the Year Application and information HERE

National Young Women of Distinction
Application and information HERE

AXA Scholarship
AXA Application and information HERE   

Minerva College Scholarship

Minerva offers an intensive four-year undergraduate education designed to prepare you for success in today’s rapidly changing global context. With rigorous academics, small seminars conducted on our proprietary platform, and four years of immersive global study, Minerva is the first university experience built for the 21st century.

In support of our shared commitment to cultivate future leaders, Minerva is making two 4-year $5,000 academic scholarships, equivalent to half a year's tuition, available to Girl Scouts who meet the academic and needs-based qualifications. Applying is free. Minerva College featured in the New York Times.

Minerva College Scholarship Application and information HERE

Paul Smith's College Scholarship

Paul Smith’s College is excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Girl Scouts who have earned their Gold Award.  Students accepted to Paul Smith’s College, Paul’s Smith, New York will receive a $1,000 scholarship for their accomplishments in Girl Scouts.  The scholarship will renew each year the student is enrolled at Paul Smith’s and will be offered in addition to other scholarships or grants offered by Paul Smith’s College. 

Paul Smith's College Scholarship Application and information HERE


We encourage all Girl Scouts to apply for college scholarships. There are additional opportunities listed on-line.