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Individually Registered Members

Become a Girl Scout by registering as an individually registered member (IRM) and participate in program events sponsored by the council or in your local community. An individually registered Girl Scout is not affiliated with a specific troop, but is able to discover, connect and take action at her own pace. You can also earn badges and awards, sell cookies and more!

Although individually registered girls in grades K-12 can join, the IRM option is especially popular among older girls (girls in grades 6-12) that have asked for flexibility in their Girl Scout experience. Being individually registered gives a variety of participation options that can be matched more closely to a girl’s time and interests. For example, a girl might take part in weekend workshops, special events, leadership projects or vacation retreats that improve her skills and meet her needs. Some girls may live in an area where there are few or no other registered Girl Scouts. Whatever the reason, individually registered girls add another dimension to Girl Scouts, which helps to assure that Girl Scouting is for every girl.