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Girls-n-Science, Imagine Your Future - Billings (Grades 9-12)

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Sat Apr 01, 11:30 AM - 5:00 PM
MSU Billings (Lower Gym) Map
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This portion of the event will introduce girls in grades 4-8 to the amazing projects and experiments female high school or college students are doing.  High school and college students will have their own booth area of Girls-n-Science (in the Lower Gym). 

Participation Rules:

1.  All participants must be female in high school (or recently graduated) or college (or recently graduated).

2.  All participants must have a research project or experiment that they will share with the girls, falling within the broad theme of STEAM - science, technology, engineering, Art or Math.  Art can be visual, literature, etc. 

3.  Set up is from 11:30 am - 12:30 pm.

4.  Plan to be at the event the entire time, from 12:30 - 4:00 pm.

5.  Tear-down and clean up is from 4:00 - 5:00 pm.  

6.  Have a brief speech (2-5 minutes) prepared for your presentation. Girls will want to know about your presentation, including:

a) Why you are interested in this subject matter
b) How you came up with the idea
c) What you learned
d) What additional questions you have after conducting this

See 'Know your audience' details on the registration page.

7.  High school and college students must pre-register for this event.


Registrations will be accepted until Friday, March 17, 2017.

Girls will vote on their favorite presentation in both the high school and college categories and final decisions will be made by the Girls-n-Science committee. The winner of each category in high school and college will win a $150 prize (2 $150 prizes for high school and 2 for college). Each winner must be present to win.

Categories include:
- Most Inspirational Presentation
- Most Creative

Snacks and beverages will be provided during the event.  Concessions will be open upstairs on the main floor as well.  

Parking: Park in the lot across from the MSUB Alteroitz gym (on 27th Street) and use the underground walkway.  Go through the ground floor entrance of the Gym (do not go up the stairs outside).  Go up the ramp and the Lower Gym is to the left.