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Customer Engagement Initiative

Imagine a world where girls and volunteers join Girl Scouts with ease, and the process of becoming a troop leader is completed in a few days instead of weeks. Volunteers and families can find answers and receive support easily, in ways that best benefit their schedules and lives.  THAT TIME IS HERE!

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Get ready for a new and improved customer-centric experience!

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming is joining with GSUSA and councils across the nation in a new way of engaging and communicating with our awesome volunteers, caregivers, and girl members.

Known as Volunteer Systems, this customer engagement initiative will provide better customer service and dynamic technology, both to ease the processes of joining our Movement, leading a troop, serving as a volunteer, engaging in programs, receiving information, communicating with colleagues and staff, and so much more.

We will continue to keep volunteers informed about this effort and look forward successful implementation, so be sure to bookmark this page!

The Volunteer Toolkit
a national digital resource which will help you plan, coordinate, and communicate across all devices– including your smart phone, tablet or computer. The Volunteer Toolkit is your complete go-anywhere troop meeting resource. Seriously, the toolkit is AMAZING!

For troop leaders and key volunteers, the toolkit will streamline on boarding and simplify troop management, meeting planning, and program experiences, reducing your investment of time by half! Plus, you’ll be able to connect with other volunteers.

For parents and caregivers, the toolkit offers a parent portal that will make it easier to communicate with your Girl Scout’s troop leader, manage her schedule, and stay involved in her Girl Scout extraordinary journey.

It’s fun, flexible, and easier than ever! Check out these 2-minute videos to see your exciting future.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 1      Year plan options.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 2      Setting meeting times and locations.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 3      Meeting plan overview.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 4      Adding custom or council activities/events.

Volunteer Toolkit Part 5      Resources search tab.

The Website
The new GSMW website, which is one component of this initiative, is intuitive and provides streamlined navigation and a nationally consistent look. 

Becoming a Volunteer is Easier than Ever
There are three simple steps to becoming a troop leader or co-leader. Join Girl Scouts by paying the $15 membership fee to Girl Scouts of USA; complete a volunteer application and background screening; and, once approved – you are ready to go.

The Opportunity Catalog

Additionally, the new system will provide ways for staff and volunteers to better partner on recruitment, new troop development, and non-troop volunteer opportunities. Also, this will be an online catalog where parents can view, with transparency, troop availability.

Want more info? We’re here to help! Review the  CEI.FAQs or email your questions to


Looking for the troop survey, visit Troop Information Survey.  It is very important that GSMW has your current and correct troop information.