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New Outdoor Training Options


GSMW is providing a new, more convenient approach to outdoor training so that more volunteers are equipped to help their girls get outdoors! In years past, outdoor training has taken at least six hours to complete. Now the training will include videos, online questionnaires, and an in-person cookout training.

GSMW staff and Service Unit Volunteers will help your service units plan the cookout trainings this spring.  Before you get a chance to cook one-pot meals and stick-cook hot dogs, complete the online portion of the training.

Check out GSMW Outdoor Training I & II today!

If you have completed Outdoor Training I & II in the last three years, you’re all set to take your troop camping, but consider completing the questionnaires for a refresher.  For those volunteers who took a Girl Scouts outdoor training before 2014 or who took a training from another council or organization, please complete the online questionnaires, and Council will contact you to discuss how to complete the update of your training.

Are you up-to-date with your training and ready to get out with your troop?  Do you need help finding the right gear?
Keep in mind that many service units have the equipment for you to borrow.  You can also discuss purchasing communal camping gear with your service unit.  Your troop can set goals to purchase camp gear with troop funds.  Please also consider using our Camp Properties to host your troop’s next outdoor pursuit.  Our properties already have many of the amenities you will need for a successful outdoor adventure!

For questions regarding Outdoor Training, please email or call our offices.