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Travel the World with Girl Scouts!


Girl Scout Destinations are the ultimate adventure for individual girls ages 11 and older! With different trips every year, there’s something amazing for everyone. Pack your bags full of life-changing experiences and make friends from all over the country as you travel with Girl Scouts from different states.

There is someplace for everyone: Costa Rica Rainforest, U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Astronomy Camp, Channel Islands, and Leadership in the Andes! Destinations have also been announced for 2019.

Peruse your options today and be sure to hit GSMW’s Round 1 deadline to help your chances of claiming a spot.

GSMW’s Round 1 Application Deadline Friday, November 17
GSMW’s Round 2 Application Deadline Monday, February 12

You can apply for up to FOUR Destinations. Check out ALL the trips and imagine the experiences you might have. You may want to surprise yourself! You can use buttons on the website to filter the trips based on your age or the type of trip.

Here's how to apply!

1. Complete your applications.

  • You must complete a separate application with a unique essay for each trip you choose. Type or print VERY neatly! When writing your essay, be specific – why is this Destination right for you? 
  • Read the Destination description carefully, research the location and topic, and be sure to include why YOU would be a great candidate for that specific trip. Ask a friend or adult who is a great writer to proofread your essay for errors. 
  • If you need more room to write, just add an extra page, but make sure any extra pages are labelled with your name and the title of the Destination.

2. Request your references.

  • You must ask two people to provide a reference for you. (You only need two references total - these same reference documents can be used for ALL the Destinations you select.)
  • Consider asking your troop leader, a sports coach, a teacher, a member of your place of worship, or any adult who knows you well (but this should not be a family member.) 
  • Fill in the top portion of the reference form and send this to your two referees. Ask them to return the form to your Girl Scout council before your deadline.

3. Email your final application(s) to Sarah at

4. Understand what happens next.

  • After you send your application(s) to your local Girl Scout council, your council will review the application(s) to check for completion, and to verify that you are a registered Girl Scout. 
  • Your council may contact you - but only if they have questions. Then, your council will send your application(s) to the sponsor of each Destination. 
  • The Destination sponsor makes all decisions about participation in their programs. The sponsor will review your application, and then contact you directly to let you know if you have been accepted, put on the wait-list, or not accepted.