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Wyoming Eclipse Event - Interest Survey


Wyoming hasn’t seen a solar eclipse since 1979 and even then it was from the sidelines. In fact Wyoming hasn’t been in the direct path of a solar eclipse since 1878. That all changes on August 21, 2017 when we get front row seats to a solar eclipse that will cross the state from west to east.  Several Wyoming towns will enjoy being at or near the “centerline” with the best views. Solar eclipses are fairly regular every 18 months but being on the "centerline" is an opportunity that may only occur once every 400 years. Casper happens to be one of the lucky ones on the centerline.  

What's happening in Casper?

Check out more information about the eclipse events in Casper:

What's happening with Girl Scouts?

We would love to see what kind of interest we have for a special event that we are considering holding at Camp Sacajawea during the eclipse. Please find more details at the link below and complete the survey telling us about your interest in an event such as this! 

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