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Outdoor Training I & II

For troops to go on an overnight campout or to host a cookout (outdoor cooking activity), leaders or volunteers must complete GSMW’s Outdoor Training I & II or have comparable training*. 

GSMW’s Outdoor Training I & II has two online components and one hands-on component.  The online training includes two separate questionnaires -- the first questionnaire accompanies a set of videos while the second questionnaire accompanies GSMW’s Outdoor Training I & II Manual. 

* Email to see if your training qualifies.

Simple Outdoor Training Questionnaire
Training for Simple Outdoor Activities

At GSMW, we aim to give troop leaders, volunteers, and Girl Scouts the tools and guidance necessary to have a safe and fun outdoor experience.  For your convenience, we have developed an online training system to support you through the first stages of outdoor progression from garden jaunts to short hikes and simple indoor overnights.

Before you do a cookout or a campout with your troop, you’re going to want to progress through simpler outdoor activities like talking about the outdoors, taking a walk through a local park and going on a short 1 - 2 mile hike.

But before you take your troop on these simple outdoor adventures, please complete the following portion of the online training. This questionnaire will accompany a set of videos.  You can answer the questions as the video plays.

Simple Outdoor Training Questionnaire 
30 - 45 minutes to complete questionnaire
Plus a 30-45 minute Leave-No-Trace Certification Course

A GSMW representative will contact you after the quiz to confirm your completion of this portion of the training. 

Outdoor Training I & II Questionnaire
Training for Cookouts, Long Hikes, and Campouts

To take your troop outdoors for a cookout, on a hike longer than 2 miles, or for an overnight camping adventure, in addition to the Simple Outdoor Training Questionnaire above, volunteers are required to complete the Outdoor Training I & II quiz.

STEP 1: Download the Outdoor Training Manuals

  Outdoor Training I Manual 
  Outdoor Training II Manual 

Read through to become familiar with the manual. When you are ready, move on to take the quiz.

STEP 2: Take the Outdoor Training I & II Questionnaire   
This should take about 45-60 minutes to complete.  You can answer the questions while perusing the pages of the manuals.  All of the questions are in order and labeled according to the section they're in.

STEP 3Attend an in-person Outdoor Training practical session
This will take about 2 hours to complete.  There are volunteers in your region or service unit who can help provide this training.  At your next service unit meeting, arrange a training with your fellow leaders.  We recommend turning a service unit meeting into the training. If you cannot arrange it at your service unit meeting, contact your local office or send an email to

GSMW’s summer Troop Service Camps will also offer the hands-on portion of GSMW’s Outdoor Training I & II.  Consider registering your troop for Troop Camp in Red Lodge, Casper, or Butte, and join the fun of camp while also becoming certified in Outdoor Training I & II. Be on the lookout for camp registration this Spring!

A GSMW representative will contact you after the quiz to confirm your completion of this portion of the training and confirm that you are able to find in-person practical session.  

Are you interested in being an Outdoor Trainer

Please contact and list your
qualifications, location, and contact information.