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The Girl Scouts Destinations program brings individual Girl Scouts from across the nation on adventures across the United States and the world. Explore the different Destinations and learn more about the application process below.

Applying for Destinations

1.    Visit Girl Scouts USA’s Destinations site to see all the amazing
       Destinations trip options.

2.    Download and complete the Destinations Application Form
       below for each event you want to attend (up to four). If you are    
       selected for more than one, you may choose your favorite
       or attend them all. 

 Destinations Application Form

3.    Send your application to:
       Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming
       Attn: Sarah
       2291 W. Broadway St., Suite 3
       Missoula, MT  59808

2018 Destinations Deadlines

First round applications

Second round applications


Due Friday, November 17th
with details sent upon acceptance, by mid-January

Due Monday, February 12th
with details sent upon acceptance, by early March.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with details sent upon acceptance,
within 2 – 4 weeks

You can apply this year for trips in 2019!! That gives you time to set goals, participate in money-earning activities, and apply for scholarships. Destinations are available for girls ages 11 to 18. 

GSMW’s Girl Scouts on Destinations

During the summer of 2016, several Girl Scouts from Montana and Wyoming joined girls from around the globe for Destinations throughout the world.  Girls traveled to Washington D.C, the San Juan Islands, London, Paris, and beyond! 

One of our travelers experienced a “Cross-Country Culinary Challenge” while traveling from Texas to New York.  Another globally-minded Girl Scout went to D.C. to meet with the Cheetah Conservation Fund to prepare for her trip to Namibia in 2017 where she will work closely with the Fund to Take Action for cheetahs.

Over the years, our Montana and Wyoming Girl Scouts have also traveled to:

Space Academy in Alabama

Atlanta and Wisconsin

Theater Camp in Oregon

Adventures in Ireland

Surfing in Costa Rica, Texas, and Florida

Wilderness Photography in California

Adventures in Peru

A New Year’s celebration in Patagonia

Castle Tours in Germany

Summit Mount Fuji

Adventures in Australia

A Girls Leadership summit in London

And many, many more locations!