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Girl Scout Facts

We know there is a lot of information out there - especially on the world-wide-web. Be assured, it's not all true. Below are some common bits of information floating around out there that we want to make sure you have the truth. 

Girl Scouts of the USA does NOT have a relationship with Planned Parenthood, nor does it plan to create one.

Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming wishes to assure parents, volunteers, community partners, and all the friends of Girl Scouting, that Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming does not, nor will it, collaborate with Planned Parenthood (or like agencies) because we believe issues related to human sexuality and reproductive health are best left to families to discuss with their daughters.

Girl Scouts has been very clear that we are NOT pro-abortion. Girl Scouts takes no position on abortion or birth control. We believe these subjects are best addressed by girls and their parents.

Girl Scouts has neither a “pro-life” badge nor a “pro-choice” badge.  A Girl Scout who wishes to explore her pro-life views can do so by discovering how her faith interprets the Girl Scout Law to support those views when she  earns her My Promise, My Faith pin.

Our request is that girls who choose to pursue this topic, do so with their parents’ involvement. These discussions should take place within a girl’s family, including her faith family.

Girl Scout Facts

Girl Scouts of the USA is committed to strengthening its relationship with faith communities and honoring the religious principles in our program resource material. While Girl Scouts remains secular, we support girls as they pursue their faith. Please see GIRL SCOUTS AND FAITH.

Girl Scouts’ partnership with the Catholic Church (1914) is nearly as old as the Girl Scouts.

As you most likely know, many of our girls participate in Girl Scout programs conducted within their churches and places of worship. They advocate for their faith on a regular basis.

For over 100 years we have reached millions of girls in parochial schools and churches, changing lives in so many ways. Today’s girls face very difficult challenges in our society, and we believe strongly that they will need guidance from values-based organizations like their church and Girl Scouts.

sm Patton girls - standing in church

Girl Scouts, Teresa and Christine (above photo), earned the Pillar of Faith award in Helena, MT in 2013. This award is given to girls that have earned all 4 of their Catholic religious awards for their respective age level. In essence, these girls have worked on these awards for 10-12 years to receive this honor. The girls are all members of the Diocese of Helena and were recognized at Diocese of Helena Scout Sunday Mass on February 3rd, 2013. Tolly Patten, Girl Scout Leader, and mother of the honorees pictured, said “Scouting is Youth Ministry.”

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) is comprised of 145 Member Organizations which promote mutual understanding and cross-cultural opportunities for girls around the world. Girl Scouts of the USA is one of the 145 Member Organizations.

Each Member Organization creates its own program and pursues advocacy efforts based on the needs and issues affecting girls in their individual countries. GSUSA does not always take the same positions or endorse the same programs as WAGGGS. GSUSA’s relationship with WAGGGS is akin to the US’ relationship with the United Nations. The United States may not agree with every position the UN takes, but values having a seat at the table.

Every WAGGGS Member Organization, including Girl Scouts of the USA, pays dues, but these dues are not part of the GSUSA membership dues that girls and adults pay to be a part of GSUSA. All dues collected from Girl Scout members are used to pay for services that directly impact the development and delivery of Girl Scouting to girls in the USA and girls who are involved in USA Girl Scouts Overseas, our program that brings Girl Scouting to American families who live and work abroad.

Individual girls are not members of WAGGGS. Girl Scouts of the USA is a member organization of WAGGGS. Girls may wear the WAGGGS pin (also known as the World Trefoil pin) to represent their connection to the worldwide sisterhood of Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding, but it is not a requirement. For a girl to be in uniform, the only requirement is that she wears her Girl Scout pin.

All the revenue from Cookie Program activities (after paying the baker) stays with the local Girl Scout council and troops. Cookie proceeds fund troop activities with the remainder helping the council to maintain properties, train and recruit volunteers, and support council initiatives.

None of the money earned from the Girl Scout cookie sale is given to any other group. This does not preclude girls from spending their money locally on program-related activities or to purchase materials for a Take Action project benefiting their local community.

Cookie Program Facts


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