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Mobile STEM Learning Center

Taking STEM on the road. 

The Mobile STEM Learning Center will provide girls with empowering, hands-on STEM learning opportunities in their communities! The Mobile STEM Learning Center will be equipped to engage girls, across 245,000 square miles of our council, in a girl-led and girl-focused immersive environment that will include 3D printing, drones, robotics, virtual reality, coding, microbiology, space science, and much more.

An estimated 67% of our Montana and Wyoming schools are in rural areas. This translates to hurdles that can include a lack of access to honors courses, high-level technology business exposure, as well as limited access to quality curriculum and vigorous and engaging math and science courses. By bringing our STEM programming on the road, we’re able to meet Girl Scouts where they’re at so they can continue exploring their interest in STEM and future STEM careers, helping to fill the STEM workforce pipeline, and aid in closing the STEM gender gap.

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Phase 1 – Purchase Van: COMPLETE

We have been fundraising for this new resource since October 2020. With a vehicle to purchase, equipment, materials and supplies, solar installation, retrofitting, long-term maintenance, fuel, insurance, and staff expenses, it has taken some time to raise enough funds to power this project. We are happy to report that the STEM Van has been purchased and the outside of the vehicle has been wrapped!

Ana Tomy
Phase 2 – Retrofit Van: IN PROGRESS

The next step to complete the STEM Van is to create a fully functional space, both inside and out. This will include custom built tables and storage cabinets inside, solar panels on top with electrical outlets, an awning on the outside, and various projector screens for demonstrations and virtual instructors. To ensure safety, we'll also be installing grab handles and stepping platforms.

3D Pens
Phase 3 – Provide STEM Programming: COMING SPRING 2023

Even though the STEM Van has made a few appearances, it’s not yet ready to travel extensively. Over the winter, our plans are to complete Phase 2 with a launch date of Spring 2023. The STEM Van may make small appearances at special events or programs within your community, but the inside won’t be ready to view quite yet. We have purchased a lot of technology that can be used outside of the van so that STEM programming can begin while we’re completing Phase 2. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request the van?
At this point in time, no. Once the STEM Van is fully operational, we have several communities we need to serve first in order to fulfill specific funding requirements.

When will it come to my area?
By Spring 2023, we will have a better idea of when and where the STEM Van will be traveling. Please check back here for updates.

What technology is available?
Currently, we have one large 3D printer, many 3D pens, a life-sized anatomy figure (Ana Tomy) with removable parts, drones, virtual reality headsets, laptops, tablets, electronic telescopes, and our mobile StarLab Planetarium. As funding becomes available, we’ll purchase additional items.

It sounds like you have a lot of technology. How will the other letters of “STEM” be fulfilled?
Our Program Manager has developed a wide range of STEM activities that will fulfill all parts of STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Girl Scouts also has over 35 STEM and financial literacy badges available, which will provide additional programming.

Have you met your fundraising goal?
We have raised over $185,000 for this project, but ongoing funds are always needed. Technology will need to be replaced and vehicle maintenance and fuel costs will be ongoing. You can donate to the Mobile STEM Learning Center project here. Want to purchase items from our Amazon Wish List? Shop here!

Our Generous Donors
  • $25,000+
  • $15,001 - $20,000
    - Girl Scouts of the USA**
  • $10,000 - $15,000

    - David DeVries
    The Wold Foundation
    Wyoming Community Foundation


  • $2,501 - $5,000

    - Albert Parisian
    - Gertrude Kamps Memorial Foundation
    Jeremy Bullock Memorial Foundation
    Wheaton Precious Metals International
    Wyoming Afterschool Alliance


  • $501 - $1,000
    - Briana & Dan Rickman
    - Holly Silkman
    - Laura Burback
    - Marsh & McLennan Companies
    - Sally Leep
    - Sinclair Casper Refining Company
    - Ultra Graphics**

  • $101 - $500
    - 1776 Foundation
    - Billings Mustang Boosters Association
    - Cortni Cross
    - Darci Hertz
    - Doug Mullowney
    - First Interstate Bank Foundation
    - Jonathan Scheffter
    - Katie Joy & Joseph Schlegel
    - Nicole Davidson
    - Nikki Stenerson
    - Rilla Hardgrove
    - Sonya Rosenthal*
    - Susan Bronson
    - Tom Richardson
    - Troop 1069
    - Wendy Brassington
    - Wendy Keating
    - William Zietlow
  • $1 - $100
    - Addington Accounting & Tax
    - Alexandria Hildebrand
    - Alice Kesler
    - Amanda Quiroz
    - Amy Iddings
    - Anna Ruechel
    - Anne Sweney
    - Ashley Picard
    - Barbara Yonts
    - Ben Stone
    - Beth Hill
    - Bonnie Speare
    - Briana Black
    - Briana Rickman **
    - Bridget Moore
    - Brittany Dimitryev
    - Carol Hendricks
    - Caty Gondeiro
    - Chester Ackerman
    - Clyde & Sally Wakefield*
    - Diane Ruff
    - Edward King
    - Elizabeth Cotta
    - Energy Laboratories
    - Freedom Oilfield Services
    - Helen Doehling*
    - Helen Dunbar*
    - Jean Harm
    - Jeana Lam-Pickett
    - Jennifer Dowd
    - Joe Polasik**
    - Judy Schofield
    - Julia Thiebes
    - Katie Lilleberg
    - Kelly Kastelitz
    - Kelly McCandless
  • $1 - $100 continued
    - Kelsey Shurson
    - Kimberley Neece
    - Kori Ford
    - Laura Gossman
    - Leslie Vandeventer
    - Lincoln Financial Advisors
    - Linda Brill*
    - Madison Engineering
    - Mandy Goodwin
    - Marilee Duncan
    - Mark & Roberta Stauffer*
    - Mary Jane Luther
    - Marylis Filipovich*
    - Matthew Webb
    - Melinda Young
    - Melissa Webb
    - Monica Parker
    - Nancy Brill*
    - Patti Scanlan
    - Rachel Ravitz
    - Ron & Charlene Scharf *
    - Sarah Megyesi
    - Shalese Gentry
    - Shamika McDonald**
    - Shelby Alcorn
    - Shelley Olson
    - Sheri Snyder
    - Tiffany Thurston
    - Troop 1026
    - Troop 1080
    - Troop 2005
    - Troop 2068
    - Water & Environmental Technologies
    - Western Montana Engineering

*Donation made in memory of Dorothy Ratcliff
**In-kind donation


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