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Outdoor Cookout Training - Livingston (Adults)

Sat May 21, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Adult Training Events
Southcentral Montana
Adult Fee:
$12 per adult

For our Girl Scout adults whose troops are hoping to camp out, plan on attending this fun-filled cookout at the Wild Rose Lodge. You'll take home new outdoor cooking skills and enjoy a simple cookout meal with other leaders from the area.

Remember, for troops to go on an overnight campout, to have a campfire, or to host a cookout, volunteers must complete GSMW's Outdoor Training. So, before you attend this special training, be sure to complete the online portions of our Outdoor Training. Find complete Outdoor Training directions and links here: Outdoor Training

Cooking instruction will include:

- Fire Safety
- Fire Starting
- Foil Tent Cooking
- Stick Cooking
- Dutch Oven Cooking
- Camp Stove Cooking

Come prepared with an appetite for camp food and a thirst for knowledge, and GSMW will provide the rest. Vegetarian options are available. All activities will be outdoors in all weather conditions.

This training is for adults only. Due to the nature of the training activities, children of any age are not permitted.

Can't make it to the training? Find another parent who wants to go. They can represent your troop, and they can be your troop's designated outdoor guru! Adult memberships are only $25. An adult membership helps adults get involved with their daughter's troop, allows them to participate in our programs, and keeps them engaged and invested in their daughter's Scouting experience. Encourage adults to register today!

Registration is $12 per person and closes on May 6th.  After May 6th, your registration fee is non-refundable.