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Secret Agent Training Academy - Gillette (Grades K-5)

Thu Jul 07, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Girl Scout Events
Daisy, Brownie, Junior
Northeast Wyoming
Girl Fee:
$20 per girl

Girls will start their spy-tacular afternoon with a fun check-in, including finger printing and taking pictures for their secret agent card. Their card will give them to access other areas of our very secret agent training facility.

Girl Scouts will have to pass an obstacle course, learn how to make invisible ink, and read messages from fellow secret agents. Want to try a new look? At the secret agent academy, we show you special tools to temporarily change your look with a disguise.

Does the thought of all this make you hungry? Don't worry. The academy has spy-riffic food to keep you on your toes for the rest of your day.

Finally, girls will boost their powers of observation with special tests that will help solve a mystery using forensics. After passing their tests, girls will graduate with a certificate and patch.

This event is open to girls in grades K-5. Register your friend as a non-member, and bring her along. All girls are welcome! Adult registrants will aid in the spy training.

Registration for this event is $20 per girl and closes on June 27th. After June 27th, your program registration is non-refundable.