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Grow Your Troop or Build Another

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Between now and October 15, 2022, take the Girl Scout Grow Your Troop OR Build Another PLEDGE to recruit a minimum of TWO or more girls to your troop OR recruit two new volunteers to start their own troop by December 31, 2022.*   

  1. If you grow your troop by recruiting two new girls OR two volunteers to start a new troop before December 31, 2022 the troop will receive TWO 24-can iCool Trail Cooler Backpack, perfect to keep your troop snacks cool, while getting out and exploring the great outdoors!
  2. If you recruit at least 2 or more girls to your troop or volunteers to start a new troop, your entire troop (including leaders), will receive a fun Recruit a Friend patch! 

* In order to participate and qualify for any rewards for your troop, you must take the “PLEDGE” before October 15th. If you don’t end up with growth of 2 girls/volunteers, there is no penalty. However, in order to claim any rewards, you must officially register your pledge.