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Financial Assistance

GSMW Financial Assistance is brought to you by donations from generous donors.

Steps to Request Financial Assistance
  1. Check with your troop leader for potential Financial Assistance for your girl.  
  2. If no funds are available from your troop, Troop Leaders may inquire if funds are available through your Service Unit.  
  3. If funds are unavailable from your troop or Service Unit, please submit the GSMW Financial Assistance Request form below.  
Financial Assistance Request Form
Eligibility Criteria

If any of the following apply to your family, you MAY qualify for financial Assistance from Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.  

  • Your family qualifies for state/federal financial assistance i.e. free or reduced price school lunch, food stamps
  • Your family has medical expenses, education expenses, disaster, family situation, and/or emotional need or extenuating circumstances.

For each desired assistance need, you'll submit a separate request form. After you submit a request, you’ll receive an email confirming your submission. Once the request has been approved or denied, you'll receive another notification via email or mail. 

Please review the details below for the type of assistance that you will be requesting. 

Available Financial Assistance
Annual Membership Dues

A year with Girl Scouts is a year full of inspiration, confidence, and new experiences! Together, let’s make sure she SHINES.

  • If assistance is awarded, your request would pay for one year of membership (October 1-September 30) and is available for girls who want to join Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming.
  • Once awarded, funds are paid directly to Girl Scouts of USA and the recipient’s membership status is updated to active.
  • Applicant will be notified via email or mail once the assistance has been processed. 
Submit the Financial Assistance Request Form

Basic uniform items are available to girls with active Girl Scout memberships and can be applied toward the following items:

  • Daisy Uniform - Tunic and Troop Numbers (up to four)
  • Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors Uniform - Sash and Troop Numbers (up to four)

    NOTE: If you prefer a vest, you will need to contact the GSMW store to pay the difference in price. 
Submit the Financial Assistance Request Form
Council Sponsored Events

What events qualify for financial assistance?
These requested funds can be applied to events, series and workshops that are listed on the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming Event List .

Any remaining balance after financial assistance is awarded must be paid in full by the registration deadline.   

Submit the Financial Assistance Request Form
GSMW Travel Scholarship

The purpose of the GSMW Travel Scholarship is to support girl travel that will enhance a girl’s opportunity to build courage, confidence and character. Girl Scout travel allows existing girl and adult members to stay involved in travel opportunities, and allows new girl members to take advantage of the Travel Pathway.

The GSMW Travel Scholarship is available for:

  • Regional, national, and international trips (including destinations)
  • Troop or Service Unit initiated travel leadership experience
  • Three (3) or more nights and a minimum of 120 miles from home or council approved trips
Submit the GSMW Travel Scholarship Application
Summer Resident Camp

Once camp registration opens for GSMW Summer Resident Camps in April, you will have the option during registration at to apply for financial assistance.

A girl requesting assistance must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming. All resident camps are available for financial assistance, but each girl can only apply for financial assistance for one camp session per camp season.

  • During registration, simply choose ‘YES’ when asked if you’d like to apply for financial assistance and pay your deposit. NOTE: Please be aware that deposits are NOT part of the assistance amount and must be paid for by the participant at the time of registration.
  • Once registered, the financial assistance form that you will need to complete is located within the Health Profile
  • You MUST submit all required files for your application request at least three weeks prior to the first day of your camp session.
  • Approved assistance will be applied to the outstanding balance. 
  • Any remaining balance after financial assistance is awarded MUST be paid in full by the registration deadline.   
Go to our Summer Camp page to register for camp. 
Expected Review and Response Timeframe
Annual Membership Dues 1 - 2 Weeks 3 - 4 Weeks
Uniforms 2 - 3 Weeks
4 - 5 Weeks
Council Sponsored Events 3 - 5 Days
2 - 3 Weeks
GSMW Travel Scholarships 2 - 3 Weeks
4 - 5 Weeks
Summer Resident Camp 1 - 2 Weeks