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Individually Registered Members (Juliettes)

Juliette Girl Scouts are registered girl members, in grades K-12, who are busy, independent, self-confident girls and young women who want to be a part of something larger – Girl Scouts!

Meeting in troops is one way to be part of the Girl Scout experience, but when there aren’t available troops in the area, a troop no longer meets, or a girl becomes too busy with extracurricular activities or sports, becoming a Juliette will allow her to continue her Girl Scout experience on an individual basis.

As a Juliette, she will work on grade-level Girl Scout program with the guidance of a parent/guardian or another adult mentor. Think of all the possibilities!

What do Juliettes do?
There are many advantages to participating in Girl Scouts as a Juliette.

  • Juliette Girl Scouts can do anything Girl Scouts in a troop can do.
  • Gain leadership experience.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in all Girl Scout events.
  • Create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience by completing Girl Scout Journeys, Badges and Awards for their grade-level, on their own time.
  • Serve their community through individual community service projects and Take Action projects.
  • Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program and the Fall Financial Literacy Program to fund their Girl Scout experience while learning great business skills including goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Helpful Resources for Juliettes

Juliette Handbook
Provides an overview of our program, specifically for individual participants. 

Juliette Fund Request Form
For existing Juliettes, complete this online form to use your Juliette funds for products or programs with GSMW. 

Badge & Journey Guides
Badges are a great way for girls to explore their interests, learn new skills, and show the world what they have accomplished. Journeys allow girls to explore new things, connect with others, and make a difference. 

Juliette Trek
The Juliette Trek is designed for any Juliette Girl Scout to earn and it provides a yearlong road map. Juliette Girl Scouts, with the help and support of her Juliette Mentor, can work on the patch throughout the Girl Scout membership year (October 1 - September 30). 

Juliette Jam Newsletters

The Juliette Jam is a GSMW newsletter specifically for Juliettes. 
This does not replace the monthly e-newsletter that you receive from GSMW, keep reading those!

New editions will come to your inbox 3 times a year:

  • Fall (September/October)
  • Winter (January/February)
  • Spring (May/June)
Current Edition
Juliette Jam Fall 2022
In this edition: 
  • Membership Renewal
  • Juliette Facebook Group
  • Fall Program
  • Girl Scout Traditions
  • Juliette Gordon Low Corner
  • Juliette Happenings
 Past Editions


Juliettes and their mentors can also reach out to our Juliette Coordinator to help you get started or grow along the way. 

Email or call 800-736-5243.