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Outdoor Training

If your troop wants to have an outdoor cookout, a campfire, or they want to go on an overnight campout, at least one participating adult troop volunteers must complete GSMW’s Outdoor Training series. This series includes two online trainings, the “Outdoor Video Training” and the “Outdoor Manual Training”, and an in-person “Outdoor Cookout Training”. 

To keep training current and to maintain updates to policies, ethics, traditions, and procedures, volunteers must complete the full series of trainings every three years Keep in mind, too, that each outdoor trip requires the presence of at least one First Aid and CPR trained adult.  And every outdoor trip taking your group more than 30 minutes away from access to emergency medical services requires the presence of an adult trained in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

The first online outdoor training questionnaire accompanies a set of videos while the second questionnaire accompanies GSMW’s Outdoor Training Manual.  GSMW offers the in-person “Outdoor Cookout Training”  throughout the year, usually in the spring, and often through GSMW’s summer troop camps.

Contact if you would like to request an in-person cookout training near your area.

STEP 1: Outdoor Video Training for Simple Outdoor Activities
Outdoor Video Training for Simple Outdoor Activities

At GSMW, we aim to give troop leaders, volunteers, and Girl Scouts the tools and guidance necessary to have a safe and fun outdoor experience.  For your convenience, we have developed an online training system to support you through the first stages of outdoor progression from strolls in the park to short hikes.

Before you have an outdoor cookout or a campout with your troop, you are going to want to progress through simpler outdoor activities like talking about the outdoors, taking a walk through a local park, and going on a short 1 - 2 mile hike.

Before you take your troop on simple outdoor adventures like these, please complete the questionnaire entitled “Outdoor Video Training Questionnaire” linked below. The questionnaire will accompany a set of videos.  You can answer the questions as the video plays.

Take the Outdoor Video Training Questionnaire
30 - 45 minutes to complete questionnaire
Plus a 30-45 minute Leave-No-Trace Certification Course

A GSMW representative will contact you after the quiz to confirm your completion of this portion of the training. 

STEP 2: Outdoor Manual Training for Long Hikes and Overnight Campouts
Outdoor Training for Cookouts, Long Hikes, and Campouts

To take your troop on longer hikes, out for a campfire or cookout, or on an overnight camping adventure, in addition to the Outdoor Video Training Questionnaire (Step 1, above), at least one participating adult volunteer must complete the Outdoor Training Manual Questionnaire (below), and then must participate in an Outdoor Cookout Training (Step 3, below).

  Download the Outdoor Training Manual

Peruse the Outdoor Training Manual to familiarize yourself with its content. Before your first outdoor adventure, read the manual in its entirety.  Take your time reading the content that is most unfamiliar to you. You do not need to print the entire manual, but you may want to print pages to share with your troop.  Before each subsequent outdoor adventure, review the content and take note of the issues that will most likely affect your trip. 

Take the  Outdoor Training Manual Questionnaire
This should take about 45-60 minutes to complete.   

  • You can answer the questions while perusing the pages of the manual.  
  • All of the questions are in the order they appear in the manual. 
  • A GSMW representative will contact you after you submit your questionnaire.  The email will confirm your completion of this portion of the training and confirm that you are able to find an in-person Outdoor Cookout Training that will work for you.  


STEP 3: Outdoor Cookout Training

Before having a campfire, cookout, or campout with your troop, complete the two online trainings (Step 1 and Step 2, above), and complete the full Outdoor Training series by attending an in-person Outdoor Cookout Training. 

Outdoor Cookout Training
  • This will take two to three hours to complete, depending on the facilitator. 
  • There are staff and volunteers near your region who can help provide this training.  Talk with other volunteers in your area to gauge interest in an Outdoor Cookout Training.  
  • Once you have a handful of like-minded volunteers, send an email to Customer Care to request Outdoor Cookout Training near you.  
  • Keep an eye on the events calendar for Outdoor Cookout Trainings that have already been planned.

Are you interested in being an Outdoor Trainer

Please contact and list your
qualifications, location, and contact information.