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Bozeman Brownies made it to the top at BZN Day Camp - Copy

Volunteer-Led Day Camp

Do you want to help our Girl Scouts become better people by hosting a Day Camp in your community?  If you want to volunteer as an esteemed Day Camp Director, your contribution is very important – the girls will look up to you as a role model, teacher, and friend.  Day Camp Directors are the heart and soul of summer fun for Girl Scouts! 

Prior to running your own Day Camp, download the Day Camp Director’s Manual and read the content thoroughly. The manual is full of policies and procedures for every Day Camp Director.  GSMW requires all Day Camp Directors, regardless of experience, to complete the online questionnaire prior to submitting their Day Camp Director’s Intent Form.  If you have a Co-Director, they should download and read the manual and take the online questionnaire, too.  To remain current, Day Camp Directors and Co-Directors should each take the online questionnaire every three years.

 Download the Day Camp Director's Manual

Once you have read the manual, if you feel you have the time, energy, and qualifications to run an awesome Day Camp, take the online Day Camp Director Questionnaire below.  The questionnaire is meant to familiarize directors with the manual content.  It is not a test. 

Take the Day Camp Director's Questionnaire
This should take approximately 45-60 min to complete.

After you complete the questionnaire, a GSMW representative will contact you to confirm your completion and to help you prepare for your Day Camp. 

Once your questionnaire responses are confirmed, submit the Day Camp Director’s Intent Form, linked below.  This online form is required for ALL GSMW volunteer-led Day Camps.  Even if you have directed day camp for over a decade, all day camp directors must complete the day camp intent form annually.  Completing this form will help your Day Camp qualify for Girl Scouts’ secondary insurance coverage.  Please complete the form thoroughly and read through the director agreement to understand your role and responsibilities.

Submit the Day Camp Director's Intent Form

The Day Camp Director’s Manual will provide you with directions and links for all the different forms and formalities for your directing duties.  Refer to the manual regularly. For quick reference, here are links to .pdf files and online fillable forms related to day camp:

Forms for use BEFORE and DURING Day Camp
Online forms to complete and submit BEFORE Day Camp
Forms to complete and keep in your records AFTER Day Camp

Our GSMW properties are available for day camp programs!  See our Camp Locations and Scout Houses web pages for day camp site ideas. If you would like to submit a property rental inquiry form, be sure to visit our Property Rental page for instructions.  

If you are interested in learning more about hosting a day camp or other program at one of GSMW’s properties, contact us by emailing or call 800-736-5243.