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Camp Locations

Our camp properties are available for use by Girl Scouts and others who are interested in experiencing these special properties for their upcoming family reunions, family getaways, etc.

Check out our fabulous camp properties below for more information about each location. If you are interested in renting one of them, check out our Property Rental section to submit your request.

Camp Sacajawea - Casper, Wyoming
Hero GSMW Camp Sacajawea

Camp Sacajawea sits atop Casper Mountain, high above the city of Casper, Wyoming. The camp consists of 140 acres and is a combination of steep wooded acreage and open areas offering vista views into the distance.

The first Girl Scout camp at Camp Sacajawea was held in 1936. Tents were used for sleeping quarters and one large tent served as a dining room.

Many additions and improvements to the facilities have been made since that first camp and the modern Camp Sacajawea has facilities clustered in the central part of the acreage. A newer lodge forms the central hub of the camp, including the dining hall, office, and infirmary. Girl housing is in various forms — traditional platform tent units, cabins, a bunk house, and several yurts (unique circular wood lattice-framed dwellings).

If interested in reserving Camp Sacajawea, please refer to the following documents:

Camp Sacajawea Amenities Sheet 

Property Rental Inquiry Form 

Camp Castle Rock - Butte, Montana

Located a few miles from the city of Butte, Montana, Camp Castle Rock is a beautiful spot surrounded by lovely wooded hills. This delightful place for a mountain camp covers many timbered acres with several open places for camping, beautiful parks and a creek.

Thanks to busy beavers, a pond is situated directly across from the Lodge. Their work created an environment for birds and other creatures. It has been rumored moose can be spotted from time to time. The site is situated in the foothills of the Little Basin Valley.

A short walk from the camp toward the Continental Divide reveals views south into the Moose Creek country, southeast to the Upper Reservoir of the Butte Water company, and in the distance the Highland Mountains. Directly east is the Basin Creek Reservoir and Roosevelt Drive. Westward is the Divide Valley and further southwest looms the snowcapped Fleecer Mountain. To the north Butte is in plain view, twinkling in the evenings.

The site has a beautiful log lodge built in the 1920s surrounded by lofty and inspiring mountains.

If interested in reserving Camp Castle Rock, please refer to the following documents:

Camp Castle Rock Amenities Sheet  

Property Rental Inquiry Form  

Timbercrest Camp - Red Lodge, Montana
Hero GSMW Timbercrest Camp

Timbercrest Camp is a summer campground located about six miles southwest of the town of Red Lodge, Montana, in the Custer National Forest. The site encompasses forty acres in a scenic location. Central facilities are clustered together and include the main lodge, activity cabin and arts and crafts area. The lodge houses the dining hall, camp offices, bunk rooms, and restrooms. Other housing units include cabins.

Rock Creek runs along one edge of the site and is a beautiful mountain stream with lots of rocks which the water splashes over reflecting the open sky. A grassy meadow unfolds on the property, acting as a natural playground and the hillside is covered with shady pines. The site is located near the Beartooth Pass, which leads into the Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks.

If interested in reserving Timbercrest Camp, refer to the following documents:

Timbercrest Camp Amenities Sheet

Property Rental Inquiry Form  


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