2024 Big Sky Documentary Film Festival - Virtual (All Levels)
Date: Mon Feb 19 2024
  • Virtual Program
  • All Levels

The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (BSDFF) invites our Girl Scouts to virtually view a selection of the festival’s school-age appropriate documentary films, otherwise known as Schoolhouse Docs. Review the instructions below before clicking on the jotform link at the bottom of the page.


Girl Scouts can register for our GSMW-exclusive block of short films using the BSDFF’s registration web page.  Viewers can watch all films for just $5.00.  You will pay the $5 viewing fee when you register with BSDFF.

  • Girl Scouts must sign-up FOR FREE through GSMW first.  Then, GSMW will send you a BSDFF registration link.
  • Registration opens through BSDFF the first week of February.  Each set of films is $5.
  • View films from February 19th through February 28th.
  • Once viewers start a film, they have 24 hours to finish watching 
  • There will be a selection of films for younger-girl viewers and another selection for older-girl viewers. Both age groups will enjoy age-appropriate, short, documentary films about nature, the arts, and courageous people.!


GSMW and BSDFF have partnered to create a commemorative patch and learning materials to accompany the films. If you would like to purchase the fun patch and receive the digital learning materials, after filling-out the free registration portion, continue add payment at the bottom of the jotform.  The $5 payment is only for the patch & learning materials.  There is a separate $5 payment to BSDFF to view the films.  Do not pay GSMW if you do not want the patch and learning materials.

Each purchaser will receive an email with the learning materials, and GSMW will ship patches to you after the film festival.  

  • The patch and learning materials are not required
  • Each patch and access to learning materials costs $5.00
  • Patches and learning materials must be purchased by February 26, 2024

Paying $5 on this form is for the purchase of the patch and learning materials ONLY.  Paying $5 here does not include access to the films. To view the films, you MUST register with BSDFF once you receive the registration link from GSMW. 

Sign up for FREE HERE, option to add $5 fun patch.