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Hero GSMW Ways to Volunteer

Volunteer Training

Adult learning opportunities are loaded with information to help you succeed in your volunteer position. And they are fun, convenient and a great way to network with other volunteers.

But before you start your training, make sure you:

 Register as a Girl Scout Volunteer

 Submit your Background Check

Once you're ready, go ahead and get started!

Volunteer Basics Training

For all new volunteers, we value your time and know that providing great learning resources is a key component to your happiness and your success in Girl Scouts.

The Volunteer Basics training provides you with useful information regarding Girl Scouts including; insight on our organization – including our mission and goals; Girl Scout programming and how this is what drives us as the preeminent organization in girl leadership; Girl Scout Volunteer Safety. 

Access gsLearn to get started now! Have questions about how to access gsLearn? Check out the My Account Tip Sheet: gsLearn for more information.

Troop Leadership Orientation

Volunteers interested in engaging in a troop leadership role with Girl Scouts must complete the Troop Leadership Orientation.

This orientation will walk you through the information you need to know as a new Troop Leadership Volunteer! From troop banking and working with parents, to conducting your troop meeting, and so much more – you will have the tools needed to start your troop off on the right foot!

Each segment of the orientation is independent from each other; this allows you the opportunity to move through the training at whatever pace you are comfortable with!

After you have completed the training, please reach out to your Member Experience Manager with any questions. Together you will schedule an appointment to review any questions you may have and next steps to take. 

Access gsLearn to get started now! Have questions about how to access gsLearn? Check out the My Account Tip Sheet: gsLearn for more information.

We are so excited to have you as part of our team, welcome to Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming! 

Outdoor Cookout Training

Are you interested in participating in an outdoor cookout training in your area? Let us know! Your regional Membership Experience Manager (MEM) may be available to provide this training from April 15th - June 30th.

Please fill out the Outdoor Cookout Training Request Form and your MEM will reach out to you to get this scheduled.

A minimum of six volunteers is needed to make this training successful. If you need help finding interested volunteers, we will be more than happy to help!

Service Unit Trainings
 Short & Snappy Trainings

These quick activities can be done at Service Unit Meetings to help volunteers get additional information on a variety of topics. Anyone who’s interested in the topic can lead one – give it a try!


NOTE: These trainings are constantly being updated, so check back often to see what’s new. Afterward, please let us know how it went – we love your feedback! 

Highest Awards Training

Whether you are about to get started or thinking about doing down the road, GSMW is here to help support volunteers and their troop, Juliette Mentors and their Juliette, as well as parents and their Girl Scout.

To learn more about earning a Highest Award, please click on the links below.

Please visit the Highest Awards section of our website for guidelines, project ideas and many more details about Highest Awards.