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GSMW Summer Camp Details

2021 Camp Brochure Cover small

As we enter the new year we are excited to plan our 2021 camp season. While we continue our mission of providing outdoor programming to girls, steps will be taken to ensure the health and safety of our campers. Parts of camp may look a bit different as we continue to move ahead using best practices recommended by the CDC and GSUSA.

Please explore this brochure knowing there will be a guide available in early spring with complete details.

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COVID-19 update for summer 2021

As we look ahead to summer 2021, it’s impossible to know what the world will look like on June 11, 2021, when we open our first session of summer camp. We do know, however, that having successfully operated GSMW 2020 Summer Camps COVID-free, that we will be ready for 2021.

We have many months to prepare. We’ll continue to update our safety protocol utilizing updates we receive from the summer camp industry.

We promise to continue to operate with the ingenuity, discipline, trust, and work ethic that we delivered in in the past, and we will always communicate our plans and protocols with parents.

Did GSMW Camp’s operate in 2020?

Yes! Using the guidelines set in place by Montana / Wyoming Department of Health and Human Services, Association of Camp Nurses and other camp focused organizations. We set up effective protocols to run a safe, fun, and rewarding summer. We focused on pre-camp screening, daily symptom screening, focused use of outdoor venues, increased our daily cleaning, hand-sanitizing and vigilant hygiene, wearing masks in vehicles and indoor spaces, and physically distancing when appropriate.

We’re thrilled to report that we had a healthy summer in 2020, and kids had an incredibly fun time with peers in the beautiful Rocky Mountain Range.

All About Camp

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 update for Summer Camp 2021

We are planning to have an AMAZING summer. Below, you can see some of the Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) we will be implementing for our campers and staff.

Covid-19 Screening: Screening will take place in 2 parts. The 1 part comes via email sent 2 weeks prior to your theme starting and focuses on checking for symptoms daily. Please follow and fill out the document according to its directions. The 2nd part happens upon arrival to camp during check in. This includes; temperature checks, health and travel history.

Social Distancing: Our themes will have activities that are focused on campers participating outside as often as possible to allow for social distancing and breaks from mask wearing. When social distancing is not an option, or we are inside, personal protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc) will be used along with fans to increase ventilation.

Handwashing and Sanitation: Extra time will be dedicated in all theme schedules to include handwashing and sanitation procedures. Medical grade hand sanitizer will be available and distributed to all activity and living units.

Healthcare Staff: Each summer, our Healthcare Supervisor assists in training staff our medical policy and protocols to include a Covid-19 event.

Cleaning and Sanitation: We will be reviewing all procedures to increase the frequency that high contact areas are sanitized (such as bathrooms, living and eating spaces). We will be following all recommendations outlined by our local health department.

Camp Readiness

Is Your Girl Ready for Camp?
This is the most important question to answer before registration!  You know better than anyone that sending your girl to an overnight camp is a really big deal.  At our camps, campers build independence, self-confidence and leadership skills.  Participants can only reap these benefits, however, if they are emotionally prepared for overnight camps.  Prepare your girl by getting her outside regularly, having her stay at a relative’s place, or have her try a sleepover or backyard campout at a friend’s house.  When in doubt, there’s always an option of attending an early-season GO Camp, Troop Camp or Try-It camp, and then you can decide if you want to send her to camp for a full-week later in the summer.

Try-It Camps
Are your GIRL Scouts curious about camp but not quite ready for a whole week away from home?  Let them “Try-It”!  Check pages xx-xx for these scheduled “taste-tests” of camp.  Check in is at the regular time, and pick up is just two days later.  “Try-It” camps will get your camper ready for a full week of camp later in the summer or next season.  Check the camp calendars to find a Try-It for your camper.

Missing Home
While at camp, Girls do not have access to the phone to call home, and parents will not be able to call their campers unless it’s an emergency.  Girls can write letters and receive letters given to staff at check-in.  Send your GIRL with addressed, stamped envelopes, stationery, and a pen so everything’s set to write home.

Before your camper comes to camp, it’s important to prepare her for being on her own:

  • Work with your camper to help her pick a camp, plan, and pack
  • Spend a practice weekend away from home like having a sleepover at a friend’s house.
  • Invite a friend to attend the same camp.
  • Before camp starts, strategize steps to take if the separation between home and camp becomes overwhelming
  • Prepare your camper to use coping strategies, like these, at camp:
  • Play every game, and participate in every activity
  • Talk with a Camp Counselor
  • Write letters home
  • Look forward to the new skills and adventures each day at camp

For fun video tips, check out GSUSA’s “Ultimate Summer Camp Hacks from the Pros” on YouTube.  You’ll find videos that prepare you for packing, making friends, staying healthy, and more at:

Not Ready for Solo Camping?
No worries!  If your GIRL isn’t ready to come to camp for a week on her own, GSMW offers weekend camps where Girls can attend with a troop leader, mother, or other trusted adult.  Check out our GO and Troop camps.  Or maybe your GIRL would be interested in our shortened “Try-It” camps.  They last about two days and two nights and occur alongside our weeklong camp programs.

Online Registration

Registration Timeline

  • Registration for rollover Cookie Reward Earners (from 2020 and 2019) begins on Monday, April 19 at 8:30AM.
  • Registration for 2021 Cookie Reward Earners, who sell 1,000 boxes of cookies, begins on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 8:30AM.
    Did you know that Girls who sell 1,000 boxes of cookies receive one FREE session of camp?
  • Wednesday, April 28th:  Early Bird Registration opens for all Girls
  • Wednesday, May 12th  Early Bird Registration ends; campers pay full price
  • At the time of registration:  $50 deposit is due for week-long and Try-It camps.  Full payment is due for weekend camps.

Online Registration

If you don’t have a CampDoc account already, your first step will be to create an account.  You’ll then register for your camp, pay a $50 deposit, and submit or update your camper’s health history information.

  • Keep an eye on your email!  After you complete a CampDoc profile, you’ll receive emailed directions to help you complete the rest of your registration.  Emails will come from both GSMW and CampDoc so CHECK YOUR JUNK EMAIL FOLDER REGULARLY!
  • CampDoc will also email you a digital confirmation letter with your packing list, check-in and check-out times, and all the information you need to prepare for camp.  Again, check your junk email folder.  A hard copy of the confirmation letter will arrive in your mailbox about 10 days before camp. 

To provide the most secure environment for health information, CampDoc will only support the most current versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, & Safari. 

Different Abilities & Special Needs

Please contact for campers with different abilities and special needs like dietary restrictions, health care and emotional needs, physical or developmental limitations, or psychiatric needs.  Together, we can discuss the nature of your camper’s needs to determine a course of action to support your Girls safe and successful camp experience.

Camp Traditions

What Makes GSMW Resident Camp Special? The Traditions!

Evening Embers
Every evening, groups will meet to participate in activities and discussions designed to help create a sense of belonging and purpose within our “kid communities”. Throughout the week, we can see the benefits, whether it is something small, such as helping one another get ready in the morning, or bigger, like overcoming a group conflict, when a connection is made the difference can be seen.

Thursday Dinner
We have a lot to be thankful for this summer and so we are introducing a new tradition! Thursday’s a time for last adventures and reflections. All building up to our campfire extravaganza, which starts at dinner and doesn’t end until our embers cool. Staff trade in their tie-dye for this special evening and campers are more than welcome to join in on dressing up with a nice button up shirt or fun accessories!

The start and end of camp is honored around the campfire where campers and staff sing songs, act-out skits, and cherish their special memories from camp.

Spirit Stick
Throughout the week, campers seek out the spirit stick to gain the ultimate reward of hosting the prized possession for closing campfire.

Golden Dustpan
Each day, campers unite to build character through the responsibility of tidying their cabins.  The Camp Director awards the Dustpan to the cabin that has shown the greatest respect and responsibility.

Wacky Themed Days
From Pirate day to Western Wednesdays, girls will enjoy the wild antics added to these special camp days.  Be sure to send your camper with a costume, wacky socks and hats, and color options!

Every week, weather and US Forest Service permitting, all GSMW campers get to cook their own meal over an open fire.

Gaga Ball
With slightly more votes than archery, Girls say their favorite camp activity is Gaga Ball.  This action-packed game gets the heart rate up while teaching strategy, fair play, and respect.

Hammock Village
Take a siesta and reflect on a day’s life lessons in our coziest spot yet!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can a Girl Scout pay for camp?

There are a number of ways for Girls can pay summer camp:

  • Our Fall Product and Cookie sales teach Girls entrepreneurship skills and financial responsibility.  Along with the skills, Girls also earn money for their troops or their individual Girl Scout pursuits.  Talk with your troop to see if Girls can agree to save some cookie money for camp.
  • G.I.R.L. Cards can be used to pay for Council programs, camps, and Camp Care Bags.  Please contact GSMW to process payments using your G.I.R.L. card. In addition, you can use G.I.R.L. cards to pay for GSMW Shop purchases, Girl Scout memberships, Girl Scout Destinations, and Council-approved Troop Trips.
  • Become a “Cookie Reward Earner” --  See “FREE Camp” below.
  • After participating in the fall product and cookie sales, a girl can apply for additional money-earning opportunities.  Contact GSMW for more information.
  • Tried and true, Girls can save their allowance or other non-Girl Scout earnings so they can pay for camp.  Start saving early, and your piggy banks will fill up just in time for registration.

FREE Camp!?  Tell me more about “Cookie Reward Earners”
Girls who sell 1,000 or more boxes of cookies become “Cookie Reward Earners”.  Not only do these top sellers get to attend any camp session of their choice for free, they also get to pick their camp themes one week before registration opens to other campers.  Cookie Reward Earner registration opens Monday, April 21st.  That means your Girl Scout can get first pick of the limited spots available in our summer camps.  

When do camps start and end?
Given the unique nature of many of our camps, check-in and check-out times and days vary. Check-ins and check-outs occur within a window of an hour to give you drive-time flexibility.  Gates to our camps will remain closed until these designated times. 

Weekend camp check-ins are on late Friday afternoon and check-outs are on Sunday early morning.  Most week-long camp check-ins are on Sunday afternoons and check-outs are on Friday mornings.  In general, check-ins are late in the afternoon, around 4pm for week-long camps and 6pm for weekend camps.  Check-outs are in the morning around 9 or 10am. Upon registration, CampDoc will immediately email you a digital confirmation letter that includes specific check-in and check-out times and all the information you need to prepare for camp.  Check your junk email folder.  A hard copy of the confirmation letter will arrive in your mailbox about 10 days before camp. 

Campers must be checked in and out on the date and within the time period assigned to the camper’s session.  Early check-ins are not available.  Late arrivals are accepted only in case of emergency circumstances.  Please call your respective camp location or GSMW headquarters if an emergency arises.  If the camper cannot arrive within an extended period of time, the camper must wait until the following day at 8:00am to check-in.  Please notify the camp as soon as circumstances arise.

The last week of Castle Rock will last from Sunday to Wednesday.  Check-out will be 3 pm on Wednesday.  The discounted costs for these camp reflect the shortened schedule.

Can I get a refund?
Please review the registration policies listed below.

Individual Registration Refund Policy

  • If a camper needs to cancel for medical reasons, a full refund will be given with a family’s written request and council approval.  
  • If a camper needs to cancel more than two weeks prior to camp, the $50 deposit is non-refundable but camp fees may be applied to another camp session if available or may be refunded.  
  • If a camper needs to cancel within two weeks before camp, the $50 deposit is non-refundable and 50% of the remaining camp fee will be refunded upon the family’s written request.
  • Discounts or refunds won’t be given for campers that show up late or leave early.

Troop/ GO Registration Refund Policy

  • If a registered group needs to cancel more than two weeks prior to camp, there will be a $50 cancellation fee applied and the remaining balance refunded.
  • If a registered group needs to cancel within two weeks before camp, 50% of the group’s total camp fees will be refunded upon the family/leader’s written request.  
  • If an individual in a registered group needs to cancel within two weeks before camp, 50% of the individual’s camp fee will be refunded upon the family/leader’s written request. If cancelling due to a medical reason, a full refund will be given with a family/leader’s written request and council approval.
  • Discounts or refunds won’t be given for campers that show up late or leave early.

Why don’t adults sleep in cabins with Girls?
When Girls sleep in separate quarters from their parents, they are able to make new bonds with their peers and gain independence. In addition, GSUSA stipulates that unrelated adults should never be alone with unrelated Girls.  Therefore, GSMW requires separate sleeping quarters for adults (staff or volunteers) and Girls.  Depending on the number of camp registrants, GSMW summer camps can offer mother-daughter cabins or tents.  If registration numbers are high, however, we must separate family groups.  All adults attending camp must be registered Girl Scout volunteers with a current background check.

Additional Camp FAQ's & Information

For any additional questions, please contact Customer Care


Camp Themes & Specialty Camps

Camp Locations

Timbercrest Camp - Red Lodge, MT
Timbercrest Camp, nestled in the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains, stretches across forty acres running along the pristine West Fork of Rock Creek.  A grassy meadow unfolds on the property, and shady pine trees pepper the landscape.  Boulders are scattered across the hillside in a canyon that leads campers to nearby Wild Bill Lake.  Girls will spend their days exploring the property, enjoying the historic log cabin program facilities, and spending their nights in their rustic sleeping cabins or the new tipis. The site is located near Beartooth Pass, the picturesque northwest entrance to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.  All campers at Timbercrest will have an opportunity to scale the Beartooth Mountain Guides’ portable climbing wall.

Camp Castle Rock - Butte, MT
Just south of “Butte, America,” among the rolling hills and aspen groves of the Little Basin Valley, lies historical Camp Castle Rock.  Across from the lodge, busy beavers have helped architect a natural habitat for birds, deer and other creatures.  At the center of camp stands the beautiful log lodge built in the 1920s.  Camp Castle Rock maintains the natural playground of decades past while undergoing several phases of planned improvements.  This year, we are unveiling a new program pavilion and new grasses and forbs should be emerging near our new cabins.  The first week at Castle Rock is a slightly shorter week than usual, starting on Wednesday and ending on Sunday morning.  Campers receive a nice discount for these programs.

Camp Sacajawea - Casper, WY
High atop Casper Mountain, above the city of Casper, you’ll find Camp Sacajawea.  The camp sits on 180 acres of forested vistas.  A land that is entrenched in Wyoming history and lore, the first camp at Camp Sac was held in 1936.  While the old camp used only classic wall tents, we’ve since added a modern lodge, a spacious art barn and cozy yurts.  Camp Sacajawea is a special place offering activities we can’t offer at any other location.  It is here where our horse camps, Silver Spurs, have inspired many a young horseback rider.  Aces of Archery, our newest specialty camp, has taken flight at Camp Sac.

Camp Themes
High Adventure

Mountain Mission
Head up into the hills for a week of high adventure and fun!  This camp will introduce girls to adventure-based outdoor sports, camping, and survival skills.  Archery, rock climbing and river living all await those risk takers on this Mountain Mission.  Timbercrest campers will experience breath-taking whitewater, while those at Castle Rock get to float a serene river with options for tubing and stand up paddle boarding (SUP)!

Extreme Explorations
Calling all older campers ready to step-up their outdoor adventure game!  Come climb to lofty heights and float on pristine rivers, and then enjoy a horseback ride through the wilds of Montana’s landscapes.  At Timbercrest, campers will experience breath-taking whitewater rafting, and they will get the treat of ending their horseback trail ride with a hearty chuck wagon meal.  At Castle Rock, campers will tack-on a day of cave exploration in addition to horseback riding. At each location, our explorers will spend a day trekking a nearby trail with all they need on their backs. Don’t forget about those camp classics like archery!

Girl Scout vs. Wild
Picture yourself stranded in the woods, far from civilization, armed only with your intelligence and your friends to help you find your way home.  Early in the week, these determined campers will practice skills essential to surviving life in the Rocky Mountain wild.  Navigation, fire starting, plant ID and knots are just the start of skills needed to survive this special course.  After their training, campers will get an opportunity to put their new skills to the test by teaming up to “survive” a trek from the wild back to the security of camp. 


Good Pods & Great Bakes
Are you the type of person who likes to listen to podcasts?  Or are you somebody who enjoys a home-baked cake with all the toppings? Have you ever wanted to become a storyteller? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than do we have a week for you; filled with stories, creative games, and baked goodies to share.  While story telling is the oldest form of entertainment, we’re giving it a modern twist, with Podcasts! Girl's will get a chance to direct, record, and star in their own episode. Of course, everyone knows that sweet treats power creative artists.  Campers will also create baked desserts like cakes and cookies, and they will decorate them with all the flair you’d see on a top-notch baking show. 

Forest of Mystery
Head into the forest each day to overcome challenges and solve mysteries that will test your teamwork, problem solving skills, and creativity. Can you outsmart, outlast, and outplay your fellow campers? Head over to tribal council to find out who exactly is the future Camp Director, where you’ll get the chance to vote on categories like positivity, cleverness, leadership, and resourcefulness. Keep a sharp eye out for those hidden idols, if you find any, turn them in for a reward that will give you a boost in the next challenge or make camp life just a little cozier!

Mountain Magic
Yes, the mountains hold a certain magic, and during this one special week at Timbercrest, our girls will perfect a handful of mysterious enigmas and jaw-dropping illusions. Our campers will practice and hone their magic so that by the end of the week, they can choose to entertain the camp community at closing campfire. Along with wizardry-school instruction, days will be interspersed with wizard games and crafts inspired by pixies and fairies.

Girl's who love nature, animals, and crafts will find everything to fit their fancy during this week of camp.  Campers will learn to identify and use native plants to create useful concoctions of essential oils, scented candles, and aroma-therapeutic soaps. So we’re not just taking from the world, camper’s will diligently create living worlds to take home and raise! The oldest known terrarium is 53 years old, anybody feel like a challenge? Wildcrafters at Timbercrest Camp will visit the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary to get animal-inspiration for their artistic creations.

GS Summer Games
In celebration of this summer’s Olympic games, GSMW is offering a week of camp dedicated to worldly competition and bizarre gaming conquests.  Campers should expect this camp to include archery, basketball and volleyball.  Of course, soccer is a world game standard, but would you expect human-bubble soccer!? Every camper will have the chance to climb atop the medal podium after playing all sorts of strategic, bizarre and spirted contests.  Imagine yourself competing for the gold medal in gaga ball, jumbo bananagrams, and massive memory!  Be sure to pack your game face in addition to your spirit of fun and fair play!

Digging History
At Castle Rock only, GSMW presents a whirlwind tour of everything dug-up, archeological and geological from the depths of Butte, America.  Campers will spend a day at the World Museum of Mining and take a tour of a 100-foot deep mine, and then visit Lewis & Clark Caverns for an underground cave tour.  Speaking of geology, why wouldn’t these campers get a chance to make the most spectacular pet rocks ever known? In addition to fishing and swimming, Girls will also explore the grand historical artifacts of Camp Castle Rock itself, which has served as a Girl Scout camp since the 1930s.

Night Owl
Does the bright light of daylight hurt your eyes? Do you only start to wake up as the sun goes down? Spend the week exploring the wonders of the natural world using your senses… at night! The world magically transforms and reveals secrets that day dwellers just won’t understand. You’ll get to explore the Planetarium in Casper, create a star map, and there may even be a kitchen raid to keep up our strength for that night hike. Don’t worry; you’ll get to sleep in!

Aces of Archery
The quest to become an elite archer begins with Aces of Archery.  Every day, campers will learn and practice new archery skills through personalized instruction and creative archery games.  Girls will travel to nearby field archery courses to try their hand at a sport akin to “archery golf”.  Upon their return from the local field archery range, campers will make their own field archery course at camp!  This year’s crew of awesome archers will also learn about archery competition and tournament play by practicing scoring, then participating in a competition with their new camp friends. 

Silver Spurs
GSMW and Reach 4A Star are offering another great summer full of horseback riding skills and adventure.  Campers will study horse anatomy and health, and they’ll learn how to manage a horse barn.  Along with four hours each day at the horse corral, Girls will experience the traditional side of camp with campfires, songs, games and crafts to boot! 

This introductory camp is aimed at teaching:

  • Building a relationship with a horse
  • Controlling a horse while walking and trotting
  • Learning introductory horse care skills
  • Barn Management
Weekend Camp

Weekend and shortened camps give campers an introductory-level Girl Scout Camp experience.  Find your adventure with a trusted companion, your troop, or attend a “Try-It” camp on your own.  All participating adults must be registered GSMW volunteers with a completed background check.

Troop Camps

For all Troop Camps, please note: 

  • For troop camps: troops must include two registered adults and meet GSUSA’s required adult-to-girl ratios found in the most current Volunteer Essentials.
  • Troop leaders can register their whole troop at once!  Adults and girl’s pay the same registration fees.
  • Adults are expected to participate in activities and supervise girl’s 
  • Adults will have separate sleeping quarters from girls (GSUSA regulations)

Troop Camp: Primitive Camping Skills
Calling together troops on a mission to master outdoor skills!  Learn all the basics of camping, cooking outdoors and survival.  In addition, troops will have a chance to campout in tents and tipis to earn their troop’s backpacking certification. 

Adult campers can choose to fulfill the in- person portion of GSMW’s Outdoor Training, which includes fire safety and cookout activities*. For adults seeking Outdoor Training, the online portion must be completed before arrival at camp, found at:

For the first time at our camp properties, GSMW is offering Backpacking Training to adult volunteers. Completion of this training will provide you with skills, instruction, and certification needed to lead your troop on a backpacking trip.

If you are interested in completing this training:

  1. Complete online questionnaires found in the Outdoor Training section of our website.
  2. Register for Troop Camp: Primitive Camp Skills through CampDoc
  3. Email to stage your interest in backpacking skills.

*Due to possible fire restrictions, we cannot guarantee the availability of the Outdoor Training Cookout.

Troop Camp: Traditions
Our first weekend of camp is a special time to join with your troop to celebrate the Girl Scout Sisterhood at Timbercrest.  Troops will strengthen their bonds while also forming new friendships, creating classic camp crafts and sharing songs, skits, stories and s’mores around the campfire.  Choose from a variety of traditional camp activities like tie-dye, leather-stamping, hiking and friendship bracelet making.  This special weekend will also be the first weekend of camp for many of our staff who come from all over the world!  Please join us in welcoming our staff and learning alongside these special leaders who have dedicated their summer to help girl’s become more courageous and confident!

Go (Girl's Only) Camp

For all GO Camps, please note:

  • The number of registrants will determine the availability of mother-daughter cabins. 
  • Please prepare for adults to have separate sleeping quarters from girls (GSUSA Regulations).
  • GO Campers must be accompanied by a female adult companion who is a registered Girl Scout volunteer with a valid background check, registered for the camp, and 18 years old or older.

GO (Girl’s Only) Camp
Campers at this easy-going weekend camp will experience camp traditions and ceremonies with their favorite female adult.  Girls can bring along their mother, auntie, family friend, or grandma!  Spend two nights at Girl. Scout camp, and choose the activities you want to do the most.  Adults, this is a wonderful opportunity to escape life’s hustle and bustle so you can focus on your girl! Perhaps the two of you will go for a hike, take aim on the archery range, or create a unique camp craft.  New outdoor and craft opportunities abound.  What will you do?  The choice is all yours!

GO Camp: Nature Close-Up
Once again, at Castle Rock, GSMW is pairing-up with the Montana Natural History Center (MNHC) to provide a camp for GO campers who love nature.  Have you ever wondered why plants are a certain color, why bugs come in so many shapes and sizes, or how pine trees stay evergreen?  Attend this camp, and you will find out all sorts of amazing answers to questions just like these.  You’ll spend the whole day with naturalists from MNHC who specialize in teaching about nature.  Throughout the day, our guests will lead campers on hikes across campus to make the most incredible observations of nature.  This GO Camp is open to girls in grades K through 8th and their accompanying female adults.

Sailing Camp

Sailing Programs

Experience the adventure, wonder, and fun on the waters of Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, MT!  Girls will get their fill of soaking-wet adventure through sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and swimming.  Campers will also get to experience camp traditions like games and songs around the campfire, hikes and making friendship bracelets.  Space is limited, so sign up early!

Choose one of three camps that fit your water-loving aspirations:

Swim, Splash, & Sail I
Beginning sailors will learn the basics of sailing, water safety and rescue.  Each day, campers will spend hours learning how to sail their own boats.  Half the day, too, will be spent at the waterfront where girl’s can swim, kayak, stand-up paddle board (SUP) and play in the water to their heart’s content.  Returning campers are welcome!

Swim, Splash, & Sail II
This session is reserved for those who have participated in SSS I or who have previous sailing experience.  Participants will learn advanced sailing and water rescue maneuvers, while having a ton of fun and free time in the water to do their thing.

Leadership Program

Leadership Programs

GSMW’s leadership programs are designed to teach participants to role model Girl Scout Leadership.  Camp Aides, CITs, and Junior Counselors will gain leadership skills by encouraging an inclusive community; leading games, songs, and activities; facilitating group conversations; and managing peer relationships.  Leadership program participants will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes look at the wonders of GSMW’s summer camps.  At the end of the program, Camp Aides, CITs, and Junior Counselors will receive certificates of completion – a great supplement to resumes and college applications. 

All leadership programs require an online application. The application will be posted on the web page when camp registration opens.  After applying, Girls will receive an email with directions on how to register for their Leadership Program.  Please do not register without applying!  To enhance this year’s leadership camps, we will now only host a few specific weeks to choose from.  This way, Girls can participate in the Leadership Programs with their peers!  As we all know, learning is enhanced in a collaborative setting.  Please see the calendars for the exact dates of the programs.

For GSMW’s Summer Camp Leadership Programs, we are looking for Seniors and Ambassadors with these qualifications: 

  • Desire to be a role model for younger Girls
  • High energy!
  • Passion for the outdoors
  • Strong work ethic
  • Maturity

Camp Aide

This program is open to any Girl Scout entering 9th grade in the fall of 2021.  Camp Aides spend their days working with Girls, aiding staff, leading songs and games, and learning valuable leadership skills.  Girls will plan their own activities and receive valuable guidance from counselors and directors. 

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)

CIT I:  Learn to create lesson plans, develop behavior management strategies, and improve camping skills.  After an initial training period with one of the camp directors, CIT I participants will put their lessons to action.  CIT I participants must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in the fall of 2021.

CIT II:  This special leadership opportunity is available to GIRL Scouts who have completed the CIT I program.  In CIT II, the camper will partner with one of our camp directors to delve deeper into the camp leadership experience.  They will also lead songs and games and develop more detailed activities for their assigned camp unit.  CIT II applicants must be entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grade in the fall of 2021. 

Junior Counselors

Girls who LOVE camp or have their eye on camp employment can apply to become Junior Counselors at GSMW summer camp.  Applicants must complete CIT I & II prior to this program.  Junior Counselors will help facilitate a week of camp.  They will experience check-in and check-out procedures, plan a week of activities with co-counselors, and plan evening programs.  The Junior Counselor program is open to Girls entering 11th or 12th grade who have completed CIT I & II.  This program is a great way to prepare to be a Camp Counselor after high school!  Junior Counselors are strongly encouraged to attend more than one week of the program.

Please submit your leadership camp application before registering.  CITs will receive their corresponding pin to place on their vest or sash.  

National Park Programs

Dates unknow...Interest Form??? JotForm

National Parks Programs

We are collaborating with our Parks Partners to hold these programs for this upcoming fall and winter. Yellowstone and Glacier have accepted our interest and are strategizing on how to best serve our campers in a safe, fun, and educational experience. Once they have been confirmed, we will advertise these programs outside of the camp brochure. This year, registration for both of our National Parks Programs will be done through the GSMW program registration system, Doubleknot.

Glacier National Park Service Adventure
With over 700 miles of hiking trails that covers the continental divide to glaciers, come find your path, it may lead into Canada! With all this land comes opportunity for ownership. Take action this summer and assist the Glacier National Park Rangers in service projects to earn the “National Park Service Resource Stewardship” and “Glacier Park Girl Scout Ranger” patches. Projects are focused on preservation, conservation, and protection of the “Crown of the Continent”. Whether it’s repairing a picnic table for the tired hiker or removing invasive plant species that can make the surroundings sick. GIRLs will be engaged for 15 hours of service. During non-service hours they’ll swim, attend ranger talks, and learn camping skills.  Campers get to sleep in tents, and units will take turns cooking outdoor meals.  GSMW can help supply some of the camping gear, so come out and give this introductory service adventure a try!

Families are responsible for transporting their Girls to Glacier National Park near West Glacier.  Upon registration, Girls will receive a confirmation letter with directions to the park, a free park entrance pass, and a packing and preparation list.  GSMW will provide transportation to and from service project sites.  This means less walking and more time for sight-seeing in the Park!

Yellowstone National Park Ranger Experience
Travel deep below the bubbling surface into the mysterious geology and history of Yellowstone Park.  Join GSMW and the wonderfully inspirational park rangers of Yellowstone National Park for an immersive outdoor program steeped in science, art, and history.  Side-by-side with our dedicated Park Rangers, Girls will provide service to the Park and earn their GIRL Scout Resource Stewardship patch from the National Park Service.  Girls in 4th through 9th grade will spend four days in the Park conducting citizen science observations while learning about the incredibly powerful geology and history of the Park.  Campers will spend each day outdoors no matter the weather!  They will live in a dormitory setting and help prepare meals together.  All campers will meet in Gardiner, Montana at noon on the first and last days of the program.  Limited adult chaperone spots are available. 

Only one chaperone registration per household. Registered adults will chaperone all Girls, not just the ones who arrive with them.  Participating adults will help transport Girls to programs throughout the Park.  All adults must be registered GS members with a clear criminal background check.


Leadership Camp Application 
Girls interested in Camp Aide, CIT I & II or Junior Counselor must fill out this application BEFORE registering for a camp session.  Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an email detailing how to proceed with camp registration. 

Apply for Leadership Camp >

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The 2021 GSMW Summer Camp Season has ended.  Please be sure to check this page in 2022 for details on next year's camp opportunities.